M.1004, The Morgan Library & Museum

Holding institution title: Book of Hours

Holding institution classification: Book of Hours

Holding institution location: New York, NY

URL: https://www.themorgan.org/manuscript/76924


Digitization status: Partially digitized

Date: 1395- 1450

Language(s): Latin, French

Use: Paris

Country of production: France

City or region of production: Paris

Illumination contents: Warming before the fire, Aquarius, Chopping wood, Pisces, Pruning trees, Aries, Pruning branches, Taurus, Falconing, Gemini, Cutting Hay, Cancer, Cutting grain, Leo, Threshing grain, Virgo, Making wine, Libra, Sowing seed, Scorpio, Gathering acorns for pigs, Sagittarius, Slaughtering pig, Capricorn, St. John, St. Luke, St. Matthew, St. Mark, Virgin and Child in the Sun, Virgin and Child enthroned, Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Annunciation to the Shepherds, Adoration of the Magi, Presentation in the Temple, Flight into Egypt, Coronation of the Virgin, Man of Sorrows emerging from tomb with Angels holding Arma Christi, St. Jerome, David in Prayer, David Slaying Goliath, David viewing Bathsheba, Uriah killed in battle, Crucifixion, Pentecost, Office of the Dead, Virgin holding book and Christ child, Body of Christ carried by angels

Text contents: Calendar, Gospel Sequences, Obecro te, O Intemerata, Hours of the Virgin, Psalter of Jerome, Penitential Psalms, Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Holy Spirit, Office of the Dead, Suffrages, Fifteen Joys of the Virgin, Seven Requests to our Lord, Masses for Major Feasts from Easter to Christmas

Hours intercalated?:





Materials: Vellum

Binding original?: No

Binding description: English late 18th-century red morocco gilt, with green leather label “Missale.”

Folio height (in centimeters): 22

Folio width (in centimeters): 15.5

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