M.1178, The Morgan Library & Museum

Holding institution title: Warburg Hours

Holding institution classification: Book of Hours

Holding institution location: New York, NY

URL: https://www.themorgan.org/manuscript/311545


Digitization status: Partially digitized

Date: 1435-1495

Language(s): Dutch, Latin

Use: Windesheim

Country of production: Belgium

City or region of production: Antwerp

Illumination contents: Mass of St. Gregory, Christ with crossed orb blessing, Crucifixion, Annunciation, Last Judgment in initial H, Virgin and Child enthroned, St. Catherine, Virgin Mary and Christ Child, St. Barbara, Five wounds with one impaled against cross in initial O, Christ appearing to St. Peter, Nativity, Two angels venerating the host in initial H

Text contents: Calendar, Seven Prayers of St. Gregory, Prayer to the Name of Jesus, Prayers, Hours of the Cross, Prayer to Christ, Hours of the Virgin, Prayer to the Sacrament, Prayers, Penitential Psalms, Litany, Gospel Sequence from John, Prayers, Psalms of the Virgin, Suffrage to Catherine, Prayers, Prayer to the Virgin, Suffrages, Prayer to the Wounds of Christ, Prayer to Peter, Prayer to the Virgin, Prayer to the Sacrament

Hours intercalated?:





Materials: Vellum

Binding original?: No

Binding description: Belgian black morocco, ca. 1840.

Folio height (in centimeters): 16

Folio width (in centimeters): 11.2

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