M.618, The Morgan Library & Museum

Holding institution title: Book of Hours

Holding institution classification: Book of Hours

Holding institution location: New York, NY

URL: https://www.themorgan.org/manuscript/76912


Digitization status: Partially digitized

Date: 1480-1535

Language(s): Latin

Use: Rome

Country of production: France

City or region of production: Paris

Illumination contents: Feasting, Aquarius, Warming before the Fire, Pisces, Pruning Vines, Aries, Falconing, Taurus, King on a horse, Gemini, Raking, Cancer, Reaping, Leo, Threshing, Virgo, Treading grapes, Libra, Sowing, Scorpio, Gathering acorns, Sagittarius, Slaughtering a pig, Capricorn, Betrayal of Christ, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, Arrest of Christ, Christ before Caiaphas, Christ before Pilate, Flagellation of Christ, Christ crowned with thorns, Ecce homo, Christ carrying the Cross, Crucifixion, Descent from the Cross, Entombment of Christ, Anne and Joachim meeting at the Golden Gate, Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Anne with Joachim and the Virgin Mary, Anne with the Virgin and Joachim traveling to visit Elizabeth, Visitation, Crucifixion, Men arguing over Christ’s shroud, Shepherd pointing to the sky, Shepherds kneeling, Shepherds in a landscape, Shepherds with sheep, Adoration of the Magi, Group of men on horseback. Journey of the Magi, Joseph and St. Anne, Journey to the Temple, Herod ordering the massacre of the innocents, Massacre of the Innocents, Coronation of the Virgin, David observing Bathsheba, King David anointed, Samuel listening to the voice of God, Job on a dungheap, Large turreted castle in flames, Job and his friends, Flames from heaven, Job and satan, Job praying

Text contents: Calendar, Hours of the Passion, Hours of the Virgin, Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Virgin for Advent, Penitential Psalms, Litany, Office of the Dead, Prayer to the Father, Prayer to the Son, Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Prayer in French in the feminine gender, Poem: “Je porte une. M. partout a ma devise”

Hours intercalated?:





Materials: Vellum

Binding original?: No

Binding description: Previously in French 17th-century red morocco gilt; doublures and fly-leaves of red and gray marbled paper; enclosed in a tan morocco solander case tooled on back in gold and with inlays of black and gray levant morocco and the repeated initials M.A., by Marguerite Duprez Lahey; replaced with modern buckram clamshell binding, July, 2001.

Folio height (in centimeters): 17.9

Folio width (in centimeters): 11.5

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