Ms. Ludwig IX 6 (83.ML.102), J. Paul Getty Museum

Holding institution title: Book of Hours

Holding institution classification: Book of Hours

Holding institution location: Los Angeles, CA



Digitization status: Partially digitized

Date: 1415 – 1475

Language(s): Latin, French

Use: Paris

Country of production: France

City or region of production: Paris

Illumination contents: Feasting, Aquarius, Saint Paul, Keeping Warm, Pisces, Saint Peter, Pruning Trees, Aries, The Annunciation, Picking Flowers, Taurus, Saint George, Courtly Love, Gemini, Saint Ives, Mowing, Cancer, Saint John the Baptist, Reaping, Leo, Mary Magdalene, Threshing, Virgo, Saint Louis, Making Wine, Libra, Saint Michael, Sowing seed, Scorpio, Saints Simon and Jude, Gathering Acorns for Pigs, Sagittarius, Saint Catherine, Slaughtering a Pig, Capricorn, The Annunciation to the Shepherds, Saint John on the Island of Patmos, Saint Luke, Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, The Betrayal of Christ, The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Annunciation to the Shepherds, The Presentation in the Temple, The Flight into Egypt, The Coronation of the Virgin, David in Prayer, The Crucifixion, Pentecost, A Burial, The Holy Family, The Last Judgment, The Trinity, Pentecost, The Virgin and Child, A Cross in a Landscape, Saint Michael Battling the Devil, Saint John the Baptist with the Lamb of God, Saint Peter with a Key, Saint Paul with an Open Book, Saint Andrew with a Cross, Saint John the Evangelist with the Poisoned Chalice, Saint James as a Pilgrim with a Purse and a Staff, Saint Bartholomew with a Knife and a Book, Saint Matthew with a Book, Saint Thomas with a Book, Saint James as a Pilgrim and Saint Philip with an Ax, Saints Simon and Judas with a Cross and a Book, Saint Matthew Seated, Saint Barnabas Reading from a Book, Saint Mark, Saint Luke Painting an Image of the Virgin, The Stoning of Saint Stephen, Saint Clement with an Anchor, Saint Vincent with a Book and a Palm, Saint Lawrence with a Gridiron, Saint Denis Carrying the Head, Saint Christopher Carrying the Christ Child, Saint George and the Dragon, Saint Blasius with a Crosier and a Carding Comb, Saint Victor with a Sword, Saint Sebastian, Saints Cosmas and Damian, Saint Martin Dividing his Cloak, Saint Nicholas Rescuing Three Youths from a Tub, Saint Germain, Saint Benedict with a Staff and a Book, Saint Germain as a Bishop, Saint Anthony with an Ax, Abbot Maurus with a Staff and a Book, Mary Magdalene Borne Aloft to Heaven by Angels, Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary as a Child, Saint Geneviève with a Candle and a Book, Saint Margaret and a Dragon, Abbess Opportuna with a Staff and a Book, All Saints

Text contents: Calendar, Gospel Sequences, Hours of the Virgin, Penitential Psalms, Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Holy Spirit, Office of the Dead, Fifteen Joys of the Virgin, Seven Requests to Our Lord, Suffrages

Hours intercalated?:


Scribe: Unknown

Illuminator: Workshop of the Bedford Master


Materials: Tempera colors, gold leaf, gold paint, and ink on parchment

Binding original?: Unknown

Binding description: Bound between pasteboard covered with old red velvet

Folio height (in centimeters): 23.5

Folio width (in centimeters): 16.4

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