W.204, The Walters Art Museum

Holding institution title: W.204, Book of Hours, Latin (1470-1480 CE, West Flanders (?))

Holding institution classification: Book of Hours

Holding institution location: Baltimore, MD

URL: https://thedigitalwalters.org/Data/WaltersManuscripts/html/W204/description.html

URL2: https://manuscripts.thewalters.org/viewer.php?id=W.204

Digitization status: Digitized

Date: 1470-1480

Language(s): Latin


Country of production: France

City or region of production: Thérouanne?

Illumination contents: St. John the Evangelist in initial I, St. Luke in initial I, St. Matthew in initial C, St. Mart in initial I, Trinity enthroned, Office of the Dead, Pentecost, All Saints, Cleric venerating the host on an altar, Crucifixion, Meeting at the Golden Gate, Priest elevating the host, St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist blesses a poisoned chalice, Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Andrew, Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Annunciation to the Shepherds, Adoration of the Magi, Presentation in the Temple, Flight into Egypt, Coronation of the Virgin, Virgin of the Apocalypse, King David Penitent, Raising of Lazarus, St. Barbara in initial O, St. Christopher in initial B, St. Claudius, St. Sebastian, St. Adrian

Text contents: Calendar, Gospel Excerpts, Hours for the Days of the Week, Mass of the Virgin, Suffrages, Hours of the Virgin, Advent Hours of the Virgin, Penitential Psalms, Office of the Dead, Prayer to the Virgin, Suffrages, Communion Prayers, Psalms, Antiphons, Versicles, Devotional Prayers, Antiphons, Versicles, Hymns

Hours intercalated?:


Scribe: Unknown

Illuminator: Unknown; influenced by Simon Marmion, Colin of Amiens

Patron: Unknown; probably for an ecclesiastical patron; may have been a cleric affiliated with the diocese of Thérouanne, based on local saints listed in the calendar, or Ghent and Malines, based on the suffrage to St. Godelieva (fol. 70v)

Materials: Thin to medium-weight parchment

Binding original?: No

Binding description: Rebound with green velvet ca. 1900 in either Belgium or France; gilded-silver clasps, catch-plates, and corner-guards decorated with floral motifs and birds on the upper and lower boards and date to 1637 (Arabic inscription for the Amsterdam hallmark on the inner clasp plates); fore-edge, head, and tail are gilded and impressed with arabesques and crosses

Folio height (in centimeters): 9.5

Folio width (in centimeters): 5.75

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