W.25, The Walters Art Museum

Holding institution title: W.25, Premonstratensian Psalter

Holding institution classification: Psalter

Holding institution location: Baltimore, MD

URL: https://thedigitalwalters.org/Data/WaltersManuscripts/html/W25/description.html

URL2: https://manuscripts.thewalters.org/viewer.php?id=W.25#page/1/mode/2up

Digitization status: Digitized

Date: 1175-1225

Language(s): Latin

Use: Premonstratensian (Office of the Dead), perhaps Augustinian use (two mentions of Augustine and multiple prayers to the trinity in litany)

Country of production: Germany

City or region of production: Rhineland

Illumination contents: Men playing instruments in initial B, Dragon in initial D, Dragon in initial D, Man Battling Dragon in initial Q, Man Pointing in initial D, Man Battling Dragon in initial S, Dragon in initial D, God the Father and God the Son in initial D, Bust of Isaiah in initial C

Text contents: Prayer to the Virgin, Liturgical Psalter, Canticles, Hymns, Creeds, Litany, Petitions, Collects, Office of the Dead, Collects, Prayers, Hymns, Creeds, Gospel Sequence, Added Prayer

Hours intercalated?:


Scribe: Unknown; two sizes of script in Office of the Dead

Illuminator: Unknown

Patron: Made for a female supplicant (indicated by gender of speaker in prayers)

Materials: Somewhat yellowed parchment; uneven weight, ranging from thin to thick

Binding original?: No

Binding description: Sixteenth-century German beech boards, originally covered in brown leather; re-covered in green velvet in the nineteenth century by Léon Gruel, Paris; clasp and catch plates are sixteenth century, poorly refitted

Folio height (in centimeters): 21.3

Folio width (in centimeters): 13.8

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