W.436, The Walters Art Museum

Holding institution title: W.436, Prayer Book (compilation), Latin (1500 CE, Ghent)

Holding institution classification: Prayer book

Holding institution location: Baltimore, MD

URL: https://thedigitalwalters.org/Data/WaltersManuscripts/html/W436/description.html

URL2: https://manuscripts.thewalters.org/viewer.php?id=W.436

Digitization status: Digitized

Date: 1500

Language(s): Latin


Country of production: Belgium

City or region of production: Ghent

Illumination contents: Annunciation, Christ Child with angels and Arma Christi, Trinity, Virgin and Child revered by cleric, Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ as Man of Sorrows seated on cross revered by cleric, Mass of St. Gregory, Crucifixion, Lamentation witnessed by reverent cleric, Trinity in initial T, Angel in initial A, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter as pope with the miraculous catch of fishes, St. Sebastian in initial O, St. Rochus in initial A, St. Jerome penitent, St. Berbard in initial O, St. Anne with Virgin Mary and Christ Child, St. Catherine in initial G, St. Barbara in initial A, St. Ursula in initial O, St. Agnes with tooth attribute of St. Apollonia in initial S

Text contents: Calendar, Suffrages, Gospel Sequences, Devotional Sequence, Suffrages to female saints, Suffrage to the Holy Face, Pre-Communion Prayers, Seven Verses of St. Gregory for recitation before pious image appearing to him with indulgence, Three Prayers to Christ with indulgence, Prayer of Indulgence during or after elevation of the Host, Prayer on Seven Last Words of the Lord, Twelve Prayers to the Virgin, Suffrages, Rubricated couplet with anti-feminine sentiment, Suffrages, Obsecro te

Hours intercalated?:


Scribe: Unknown; Transcriptions by five or more scribes,

Illuminator: Unknown; illuminated in the style of Ghent-Bruges school

Patron: Unknown; ecclesiastical patronage, English connection indicated; presumed first patron depicted on fol. 39v

Materials: Parchment

Binding original?: No

Binding description: Mid-nineteenth-century French binding by Capé, Paris; brown leather; modern sewing on five chords; apparent set of five pairs of deep cuts is evidence in the first quire of earlier sewing; sides feature fleurs-de-lis; modern gilt edges; name of binder in gold capitals centered on inside of front cover, tail-edge (Capé was active at 16 rue Dauphine in Paris, 1848-67: Devauchelle, vol. 2, pp. 200, 205, vol. 3, pp. 41-42; for another Capé binding, see WAG 1957, no. 554)

Folio height (in centimeters): 15.1

Folio width (in centimeters): 9.9

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